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Design is the process of solving problems. Good interior design solutions have the power to make people feel positive in their surroundings. Sinas Interior Decoration L.L.C takes up every project as a challenge. Irrespective of the size of the project we make sure to provide high-end quality services for complete customer satisfaction.

Throughout the process, our objectives are to study all aspects of the design in greater detail, to flesh out areas of the project that have not yet been considered and to guide our clients through the process of understanding what their design/project will look like and how it will function for them.

Building relationships is truly what we undertake when we work on a client’s specific project. Our team works closely with the clients/designers to understand their needs and makes every effort to provide the best-completed project. We believe in building relations and none can be made without building the other.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Delivering high standards of quality is of prime importance and is never compromised. Inspection is carried out at various stages of manufacturing from receipt of raw material to packing and final installation of products.

The machinery & equipment used for manufacturing undergo preventive maintenance and calibration as per the set of procedures.

Quality is ensured and inspected in these stages – Receiving stage (raw material, drawing details and construction document set), In-Process stage (Joinery production, finishes inspection, on site inspection) and Delivery stage (Final finishes inspection, handover checklist and authority approvals).